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Jeremy Lin – Asian American Linning

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Jeremy Lin is my Homeboy

Wanted to put a short post out there to describe how big the Jeremy Lin phenomenon is for the Asian American community. I was in NYC right after his breakout performance against the Nets where he came off the bench to score 25 pts and lead the Knicks to victory.  This was before his week of incredible play including a monster 38 pt game against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers removed any doubt to whether or not he was the “real deal”.  This was also before sites like linning.com started covering Jeremy Lin and the linning meme.  Anyway, I walked into a room of about 5 of my white friends and told them that this was the biggest story in Asian American history.  Not biggest story in Asian American sports history…Asian American history. Period.  There may have been a little hyperbole involved here, but the other event in history that I would point to which has had as large of an impact in tearing down racial stereotypes would be the election of Barack Obama.  It is so weird to have so much pride around a person who is not related to you at all.  Granted, Jeremy Lin is Taiwanese like me (台灣加油!!!!) and went to Harvard like me, but other than that there is no connection.  Yet, I literally cannot stop grinning when I watch him play ball.  He scores and I am ecstatic like I had just knocked down that open jumper.  I’m not even talking about cheering when he hits an incredible shot like the game winner against Toronto – I’m talking about cheering when he hits a mundane bucket to start a game.

I’ll probably add to this post later, but I’ll conclude for now saying this.  Jeremy Lin, the pride and joy of Taiwan and Asian America, is the real deal.  Here’s to his long and successful career and continued LINNING.

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