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Japanese Onsen Tamago (Japanese Softboiled Eggs!!!)

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After having an egg brunch with a friend where we tested out a less than stellar egg poaching device, I remembered I should post my youtube video about Japanese softboiled eggs.  Back in 2007 while living in Tokyo I came across a crazy Japanese softboiled egg that cracked open like a raw egg but slid out like a softboiled egg:

If you look at the comments on youtube you can see that I was completely confused about how they did this for the longest time.  I finally figured it out after a couple of years but never documented it here.  Better late than never…

So it’s called a Japanese Onsen Tamago (Hot Spring Egg) and is prepared by taking advantage of the fact that egg whites solidify at a lower temperature than egg yolks.  By soaking eggs in a non-boiling pot of water (about 70 degrees Celsius) for like 15 minutes and then soaking in cold water till cool, you get the effect of the egg in the video above.  There are some japanese videos that I don’t understand which recommend adding potato starch to the water but I’m not sure that’s necessary.



so freaking oishi.


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