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HOW TO make the Best, Most Convenient, Poached Egg evarrr!: method, explanation

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Every time I learn something new about egg preparation, I write a post on it thinking I have finally found the most convenient and tastiest way to prepare an egg with a runny yolk.  My goals are quickness of preparation, ease of cleanup (minimizing dish/apparatus washing), and quality/consistency of egg (runny yolk, not over cooked).

I have written 3 posts on how to prepare eggs because I keep thinking I found the answer until I learn something new.  Although the onsen tamago egg (#3) will probably always be the best in quality/consistency category – it’s fucking hard to do.  Totally fails in the quickness of preparation category.  The over easy egg (#2) is also very good in quality/consistency, but the addition of oil makes it less healthy AND more annoying to cleanup (oily pan).  The microwaved egg (#1) was good in practice and KILLED it in the quickness and cleanup categories, but I could never get the consistency down which made it sub-optimal (way too many hard boiled egg results) – eggs would be either super undercooked or explode and overcooked.  All options had some positives but at the end included some sort of negative.

After experimenting a bit more, I think I have the ultimate method which is an update to my original microwave poached egg method.  While the microwave egg cooking device I panned in my onsen tamago post really did suck, the instructions did have a couple gems that have made all the difference in the world.  The first thing it said is that you only need a few teaspoons of water to cook the egg.  Wow – i always thought you’d have to completely submerge the egg so i used a full cup of water.  This definitely added to inconsistency.  Then, it said you should pierce the egg yolk a few times with a fork before heating up.  At first I thought this was a dumb idea because the egg yolk would then mix with the white and then ruin the point of a poached/softboiled egg.  What you find happens though is the yolk still maintains its shape and the holes in the yolk help with a more consistent cooking in the microwave and avoids any explosion of egg (a problem I ran into which resulted in overcooking with my own microwave method).

So here’s the newest bestest way to poach an egg in a hurry:

1) 2 teaspoons (just a splash from the sink really) of water in a mug (narrower bottom is better)

2) crack egg into mug

3) pierce egg yolk with fork a couple times

4) add another splash of water (2 teaspoons) on top of egg

5) microwave for ~30-35 seconds


Note: Don’t be fooled by the look of the egg when you take it out of the mug.  The yolk kind of sinks to the bottom so you’ll think it’s undercooked since you see it being so yellow, but when you cut into it you’ll realize that it’s cooked and perfect.

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