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Canon DSLR Err 05 Fix – Popup Flash Problem (solution with pics!)

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After taking my Canon EOS Rebel (the DS6041 or 10D) to the beach on a windy day, I came back with some issues.  Sand has gotten in every little crack in my camera.  One problem was I could hear crunching sand every time my lens would focus.  Although somewhat disconcerting, this didn’t affect the performance and I didn’t want to risk taking apart my camera to fix that.  The issue that I did need to fix was the Err 05 that occurred whenever the camera needed to use the flash.

Error that showed up when the camera tried to use the flash

The error message


This error caused the camera to freeze and be unusable until restarting the camera.

A little googling led me to discover that there were two flavors of this problem.  One is when the popup flash fails to popup at all.  The other, which was my flavor, was when the flash would popup successfully but still display the Err 05.  Both, it turns out, are caused by the same thing.  There is a little spring loaded button that needs to be let up in order for the camera to know that the flash has successfully popped up.  When the flash doesn’t popup, obviously the button stays depressed and the error occurs.  If there is dirt, or in my case sand, you can also run into the problem of the flash popping up but the little button staying stuck down.  The button is just to the right of the flash if you are looking at the lens. See pics below:


A clearer look

A zoomed in look at the button


In order to fix the issue when the flash stays down, you can apply a little lifting help by pulling on the flash when you are trying to get it to deploy.  To fix the error that happens when the flash pops up successfully, I took a pair of tweezers to pull the button out and then cleaned around the button.  I also pushed it in and out to try to dislodge any sand/dirt particles.  The little button still sticks a bit but at least I know how to fix it now.  SO glad I didn’t send it in for repair which would have cost at least $100 for something that took me 5 seconds to fix.



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31 Responses to “Canon DSLR Err 05 Fix – Popup Flash Problem (solution with pics!)”

  1. Vishwas says:

    Thank U very very very much Jason Yeh. I had the same problem as urs with my Canon 1100d and thanks to you its got rectified. I was really worried as it got happened the very next day i bought the camera!!!
    the switch is one the left side in my cam :):)

  2. peter says:

    Just had mine repaired “only cost me Swiss Fr. 300.00!!!!!
    This is my second Canon (350D) and now (500D) same problem.

    Never Canon again!

  3. Shirley says:

    WOW this was wonderful, I have the same problem with my canon REbel XT. Now it has been resolved.

  4. zeeshan says:

    thank u so veryy much buddy! it worked for me.. i thought my vacations were spoil due t this flash problem .. but u saved me.. thanks 😛

  5. website says:

    Wonderful beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your web site, how can i subscribe for a blog web site? The account aided me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept

  6. tooke says:

    Thank you so much! This worked for my camera 350D too.

  7. Suvro says:

    Thanks a lot for this post!!!

    This solution worked with my canon 50D camera as well. The little button under the flash was stuck and I had to pull it out gently. It still sticks a little, I think I’ll probably have to clean around it better… good luck everyone.

  8. Bo says:

    Thanks a lot – it worked,
    and I couldn’t have done it without you!

  9. Uhhhh, I’m lucky. I have been looking page like this for three days and now I have what I want.

  10. lora says:

    thank u i have a shoot tomorrow… problem fixed! my

  11. Marilene says:

    It happen the same in my 60D the external flash stop won’t open up
    After surfing many answers i start to use some advises and I pull up the sides of the hot shoes but in the end discovered it was the medle hot shoes plate that was glued down I just used a cuticle remover tool to pull it up gently, it did imediatle came up! Got loose! It probable was rusted, caused to glueing it down. I’m so relieved!!!! =]] I can’t wait to hear it being released for you too!! The flash is working for me like a charm now!!!

  12. John says:

    Thank you so much, it works perfect

  13. Rana says:

    OMG – thank you so much! I tried so many other “fixes” that I found online and this one finally worked!! 3 months of my camera not working was killing me!! Thank you!

  14. Will says:

    Top tip – I had the same problem as you with my 60D, managed to “unstick” the switch/button for the flash… all sorted. Thanks

  15. Kelly says:

    Still unable to fix my flash error 05 and furious as my camera is under warranty, but as I bought the camera in Australia, canon want to charge as as UK canon warranty doesn’t apply! Seems like this is a common fault with canon… First time camera buyers beware….

  16. Athar says:

    Hi, Thank you very much. I also had gone to the beach and then to the desert. There the flash suddenly stopped working. It has been just six months that i bought Canon 60D. I got really worried, i cleaned it at home but did not work. Just after going thru your solution and it got fixed… in seconds. Thank you very much. God bless you for saving all the trouble and money.

  17. franky suantak says:

    sir i have some problem with my dslr 60D when i open the popuf flash it shows err05 builin flash could not be raise turn the camera on and off again i try but i get the same proble if you could help me it would be nice

  18. hansen says:

    I almost give my camera away! Thank you very much! The problem is solved now and I can continue to make beautifull pictures again.
    Good advise!

  19. Elina says:

    Thanks so much for sharing!I have rebel T5i and I took it to a geek squad and they could not fix it and I was going to send it for repair and Cannon told me it will be expencive more than 300$ and I just did what you suggested and it’s working again. In my camera the little button is on the left .thanks so much!!!

  20. Petrus J Kassie says:

    Thanks a lot i will try this solution after work today. This error 05 spoil my whole vacation. But thanks im positive this will work

  21. Caroline says:

    thank you so much! I tried finding videos on Youtube, but they were all in Korean and Russian, and I could not figure out what to do! This fixed my camera!! 🙂

  22. Sanches says:

    Thank you very much, you are very much helped!

  23. Stefan says:

    ITs ALIVE!!!! I used Isopropyl alcohol, some cue tips and a tweezers. it works flawless thank you so much.

  24. Erica says:

    Thank you . This worked on my T2i. Photos were super helpful. I use the medical mini alcohol wipes in the house.

  25. Tal says:


    Was really worried as i borrowed a friends camera and got this error message. Looked on the right as you said on the 600d and was really worried when it wasn’t there.
    Kept playing around and found it on the left! THANK YOU SO MUCH! fixed the problem and can now return fixed camera without forking money out! whew!!!

  26. IceSwan says:

    Thanks a LOT for your advice! That solved the problem with my 400D.

  27. Marie says:

    I thought for sure my camera was done. This worked like a charm. This is my first issue with the flash and thank goodness for people posting how to fix it. Thank you SO much!!

  28. Shaida says:

    Thank you so much! Best advice out there for fixing this problem!

  29. Andreas says:

    And in the new year many thanks for this great fix! Works perfect with my 350d.

  30. Ray Polglaze says:

    And so thanks from 2016. This worked with my D20 which suddenly developed the dreaded ERR 05 problem. This seemed like it could be bad. But after locating the little black button, and pushing it up and down a few times, problem fixed. Wonderful advice.

  31. youjizz says:

    And in the new year many thanks for this great fix! Works perfect with my 350d.

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